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Surpass your sustainability goals with wind & solar street lights







Cost Effective Solution

UGE Streetlights are the most economical choice for our customers.



No Energy Cost




No Trenching/Cabling Costs


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Whole Foods Market


“When you shop at Whole Foods Third and 3rd, what you’ll feel is our commitment to supporting and advancing environmental stewardship.”

 Tristam Coffin, Energy & Maintenance Manager

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Customized for You

We work with governments and global companies to bring dreams to life.  Let's get started.

 Design your customized street lights 
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PingQuan Highway 

120 Customized Streetlights

"We love it. We haven't had a single issue since they were installed, and people ask about the project all the time. Almost every day we have people stopping to take pictures."

 Mayor, PingQuan City


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ViewUGE SmartLight

Remote monitoring and control platform for Outdoor Lighting Solutions

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Outdoor Lighting Products

Premium off the shelf lighting products with quick delivery. 

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Boardwalk Series






 Sanya Series