Siting Solar & Wind


Siting Wind Energy Projects

Siting your wind turbine is quite possibly the most important task you will face.  Higher wind speeds result in much higher power production rates: double the average wind speed and you would receive 8-times more power!

We offer multiple mounting options for our turbines. Most of our customers will choose a tower installation, for which we offer various heights. For some of our customers, a roof installation makes more sense.

Obstacles will negatively impact the performance of your wind turbine, so it is imperative to position the turbine where it will be above all nearby obstacles.

There are areas where a rooftop installation is best, but most often we recommend a tower. The height of your tower will depend on the location and relationship to nearby buildings and trees. Again, your local UGE sales representative will be able to help you select the best possible location for your turbine.

Please note: Installing a wind turbine on a roof depends on many factors that can only be determined by a structural engineer. While UGE turbines have been designed to minimize cyclical loads and vibrations, every roof is made differently and only a structural engineer has the necessary skills to ensure a safe roof installation.


Siting Solar Energy Projects

Properly siting your solar array is just as important as siting your wind turbine. No matter where the panels are installed, you will always want to make sure to maximize the amount of sunlight hitting the panels in order to increase the power output of the array.

It is important to avoid shading on the panels, even if it is only a single panel in a large array, as this will lower the overall output of the system. In order to avoid shading, you will need to take into account surrounding buildings, trees, and other structures and how their shadows change during different seasons of the year. Your UGE sales representative and design specialist will work to ensure panels are properly sited to avoid any negative impact from shading.

Much like wind, sometimes it is best to install solar on top of buildings to avoid any influence from surrounding structures. For solar, there are a wide range of mounting options for rooftops that will vary depending on roof material, angle, and local building codes. If roof mounting is not an option, a number of ground mounted and solar canopy options are available as well. Again, your UGE sales representative will work with you to determine what solution is right for your project.