VisionAIR5 Features
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We believe a wind turbine should be seen but not heard.

UGE wind turbines are so quiet, you won’t even know they’re spinning!  The VisionAIR5’s low RPM means it is virtually silent even during high wind speeds.  This makes it quieter than a typical refrigerator.  

Incredibly aerodynamic airfoil

Years of analysis and testing at UGE’s R&D Center have produced the world’s most efficient and powerful vertical axis turbine.  The blades are the perfect balance of weight and momentum, lift and drag.  The VisionAIR5 generates energy from wind speeds as low as 4 m/s (8 mph).

Proven performance, certified energy generation

The VisionAIR5 has undergone rigorous 3rd party testing.

Our manufacturing facility is certified to produce ISO 9001 certified wind turbines!

Our blades are not only incredibly beautiful, they are strong too

With fiberglass composite technology constructed using vacuum infusion process the VisionAIR5 blades are designed and engineered to incredibly high standards.  As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer we ensure your wind turbine runs perfectly from Day 1 through Year 20.

Redefining Safety

The VisionAIR5 boasts a comprehensive system of safety features.  We’ve designed our technology to continuously monitor your turbine, ready to automatically detect and adjust to maintain optimal performance and safety.