UGE Hybrid Lighting Solutions lighting up the new Whole Foods in Brooklyn!

Project Details

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Store Opening: December 2013


UGE Solution

19 Sanya SLS off-grid parking lot lights

2 Sanya Skypump electric vehicle charging stations


Project Highlights

•Visible sustainability commitment as part of their "store of the future" concept
•Construction cost savings realized by avoiding the typical utility infrastructure that would extend to conventional parking lot lights
•Lifetime energy cost savings through lights being powered 100% by wind/solar




Urban Green Energy (UGE) has partnered with national grocery chain Whole Foods Market to develop a groundbreaking renewable energy powered lighting project at Whole Foods’ new location at Third and 3rd in Brooklyn, NY, which opened on December 17th, 2013. The eco-conscious market will be illuminated by 19 UGE Sanya SLS streetlights and customers will be able to charge their electric cars at one of the 2 UGE Sanya Skypump charging stations in the market’s outdoor area.

For Whole Foods, this project also represented an opportunity to achieve the rare and prestigious LEED Platinum certification at attractive costs with tangible paybacks. “We’re about 60% more efficient than any other grocery store in the United States. We’re going to be saving about 2.5 million kWh a year, which is equivalent to taking about 360 cars off the road annually. In addition to our combined heat and power system...we’ve incorporated Skypumps that use wind and solar energy to power electric vehicle charging stations. These same wind and solar technologies are also used to power our light poles. When you shop at Whole Foods Third and 3rd what you’ll feel is our commitment to supporting and advancing environmental stewardship.” 

-Tristam Coffin, Energy & Maintenance Project Manager
& J'aime Mitchell, Green Mission Specialist
Green Mission Team, Whole Foods Market

The Sanya SLS streetlights and Sanya Skypumps are a highly visible demonstration of Whole Foods’ commitment to the environment, and complement an exemplary sustainability effort from the supermarket chain. The new store also features solar carports, a rooftop beer garden that sources its food from “hyperlocal” producers, and a rooftop hydroponic greenhouse supplied and run by Brooklyn-based Gotham Greens, which will supply fresh vegetables to customers all year round.


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