Burger King

Burger King

Project at a Glance


October 2011


Piding, Germany


Burger King


 Turbine connected into the local grid offsets energy consumption directly from the restaurant


UGE-4K turbine with grid-tie electronics and a custom monopole tower.

Project Highlights

• Integrates seamlessly with the local grid

• Forges way for other businesses in the area to consider renewable energy. Visible statement of company’s committment to sustainability

• Takes advantage of local incentives to provide a short payback to the customer.


In October 2011, a  UGE-4K was installed by  StegWinSon Ellwangen at the Burger King restaurant in Piding, Germany, allowing the restaurant to be powered in part by wind energy.The UGE turbine system has a three-blade rotor that rotates around a vertical axis.   The blades are designed for nearlysilent operaton at about 40 decibels (roughly similar to the sound of leaves rustling in the woods).

The 10 meter high tower is very robust, corrosion free and is safe up to 120mph gusts. The tower is supported by a concrete foundation. The turbine starts up at 3.5 m/s, requiring no start-up energy from the grid. This saves not only electricity, but also complex and sensitive control mechanisms. The special coating of the carbon rotor blades - in conjunction with the vertical orientation - also helps to prevent ice formation.“With this first small wind turbine in the Berchtesgaden area, we assume a leadership role in our region and we hope that we can use it to show other companies and even private homes that investing in this technology is investing in a clean and sustainable energy supply for the future. We want to align business thinking with the conservation of nature in harmony.”  - Klaus Satra, Managing Director

Burger King
Burger King