UGE Case Studies

UGE is the world’s premier designer and manufacturer of renewable energy systems. We bring together site assessment technology, load analysis, and installation capabilities across the globe to provide versatile solutions that combine small wind, solar, remote monitoring, and control.


All of our customers face an energy deficiency in their energy security, costs, or sustainability. The UGE Score Circle describes this need our clients face on a three point scale of importance. Our solutions change from client to client as we adapt our hybrid systems to their needs.

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Hilton Fort Lauderdale
Hilton Fort Lau...
Whole Foods
Whole Foods
UGE-9M in Qatar
Qatar Foundatio...
Catherine Cook wind turbine
Catherine Cook...
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Ea...
Hornblower Hybrid
Hornblower Hybr...
UGE at the LVC
Las Vegas Cycle...
Texas A&M
Texas A&M
UGE Hybrid Lighting Solution
Busan, Korea
Sanya in San Francisco
SF Civic Center...
Extreme Makeover
Extreme Makeove...
The Town School
The Town School
Chinese Navy
Chinese Navy
Renewable Energy in School
South Weber Sch...
32 eddyGTs power a neighborhood
Lexington Farms
UGE-4K in the hills
St. Maarten
UGE in Colombia
UGE Hybrid Lighting Solution
UGE Boardwalk Lighting Solution
Point Pleasant...
UGE Skypump
eddyGT at School
eddyGT at VCU
UGE-4K at Toledo
University of T...
BMW goes Green
eddyGT in Guaramiranga
Hotel Vale das...
Brighton Car Wash
Brighton Car Wa...
Rickenbacker Air Base
Rickenbacker Ba...
Burger King
Burger King