Vertical Wind Turbine for Residential and Small Business Applications

There are many concerns when selecting a vertical wind turbine for residential and small business applications. One must consider the energy required by the resident in order to plan for the correct output (kWh per year). Too much production may not be necessary for all site while too little output may be below what the resident or business owner requires, depending on the percentage of grid energy they are trying to replace with distributed energy.

In many places, excess energy produced can be sold back to the utility company. But most renewable energy solutions for residential and small business applications are meant to offset a percentage of the energy required by the residents.

There is always the site itself to consider – the average wind speeds above the location, the consistency and direction of that wind, and the relationship of the turbine to other buildings and obstructions. We have a proprietary site assessment tool and can help you estimate the wind conditions at almost any location.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines for Residences and Businesses

We also offer an on-site wind/weather station called the UGE 1st Step ($119) to help you take an exact reading of wind speeds and directions. This is not always necessary but it is a foolproof way to predict future energy production from real wind/weather data captured onsite. UGE will even credit the price of the 1st Step to your wind turbine purchase.

Our partners often offer onsite visits to help you determine if a tower is required or a rooftop installation will be possible. To request a visit, please contact us.

If you are still in the planning phases of new construction or a retrofit, this information could be invaluable to you and your design team. Integrating a sleek, dynamic, and functional design component like a UGE renewable energy solution is a great way to help a residential building or business stand out. For this reason, UGE makes it a point to assist in any way possible from the planning stages through construction as well as permitting and LEED planning.


Vertical vs. Horizontal Wind Turbines

There has been much debate about the various wind turbine designs that exist. While horizontal wind turbines have their place in the large wind market, we favor vertical axis wind turbines due to their ability to produce energy in more variable wind conditions in addition to lower noise imposition due to UGE’s low RPM, low vibration design.

For all of these reasons and a host of others, Urban Green Energy has invested heavily in the design and production of vertical axis wind turbines for residential buildings and small businesses looking to take control of their energy consumption or drastically reduce their energy bills.

UGE also produces hybrid wind-solar solutions like streetlights, called Sanya and Boardwalk, as well as an electric vehicle charging station developed in partnership with General Electric called the Sanya Skypump.

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